Opening ceremony of Miranda's World Tour

15 Feb 2017, Espoo Cultural Centre

Exhibition "Miranda - The Roma Holocaust" produced by Drom Association under the leadership of Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar has travelled around Finland since 2012. Supported by EU's Europe for Citizens program, the exhibition launched its World Tour 2018-2050 at Espoo Cultural Centre 15 Feb 2017 in the framework of Through Miranda's Eyes 2016-2018 project, during which the exhibition will kick-start to 20 national tourneés in 20 European states.

The speakers of the opening ceremony were Former President of Finland Ms. Tarja Halonen and Director General of Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland Ms. Riitta Kaivosoja. In the ceremony performed also Cultural Counsellor Mr. Veijo Baltzar, Ambassador of Israel to Finland Mr. Dov Segev-Steinberg, Mr. Andrzej Mirga (Roma Education Fund, Hungary/Poland) and the Communication Manager of Sered Holocaust Museum/Slovakia's National Museum Mr. Jakub Ackerman.

Warmest Thank you to Espoo Cultural Centre, World Tour opening speakers and guests.

Statements and comments

"I congratulate the creators of this exhibition and I wish them luck in conquering the world. I hope the exhibition will further open the eyes of the many majorities around the world to see the continuing discrimination of the Roma people and to change their own behavior. This exhibition is made by Roma people. It will certainly generate curiosity and respect, I hope."

President Tarja Halonen

"This is not only a story of Slovak Roma but also of all of us Europeans. When I’m being asked about what we should do with the rise of extremism and nationalism today, I instantly answer that it is projects like Miranda which are the key in preventing them."

H.E. Ambassador of Slovakia Tibor Králik

"If having experienced Miranda exhibition, there will appear question “Why?” in the mind of a young pupil, the next question will consequently be “Can we do something about it?”. This is what this exhibition is all about."

Youth Counsellor Olli Saarela

Veijo Baltzar’s workshop with the pupils of Etelä-Tapiola’s upper secondary 14 Feb 2017

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